Many people assist during our regular Sunday services. Details of each group are below, together with contact information and rotas.


As a Server you have a special ministry in the Church. It is your privilege to assist the priest at the Altar. Being a server means serving God and his people.

Anyone who has been confirmed can become a server. Servers prepare the altar ready for a service, they can be a cross bearer, acolyte (carry the candles) or banner bearer. They receive the money and offer it to the altar.

There are three services on a Sunday, one at 8 am, one at 9.45 am and evensong which is at 4.30 pm (6.30 pm in BST). All servers are on a rota and share the services between them. (Some prefer certain services only, others do all three). Each service is completely different with different responsibilities. Other than Sunday services there are occasional weekly evening services throughout the year (for example Crib Service on Christmas Eve).

Many servers find that being a server deepens their sense of belonging and brings them closer to God.

If this sounds like the place for you, please join us. Speak to Frances Appleton (221676) or a churchwarden for more details.

Click here for the latest Servers rota.

Sidespeople work in teams, their duties are to welcome and assist the congregation, give out hymn books, take the collection and, after the service, count it. A rota is issued, with teams being on duty either every four or six weeks depending on the service. Sidespeople also serve at special services, such as at Easter and Christmas. Anyone on the electoral roll is eligible to join the rota.

For further information contact Michael Bitschiné (229313).

Please click below for the latest Sidespeople rotas.

Click here for the 8.00 am Sidespeople rota.

Click here for the 9.45 am Sidespeople rota.

Click here for the Oblations rota.

Click here for the Evensong Sidespeople rota.

Bible Readings

We have bible readings at all three services on Sundays, and have a rota of people to read these. If you are interested in reading, please contact a churchwarden.

Click here for the 9.45 am readers’ rota.

Click here for the evensong readers’ rota.

Intercessory Prayers

A rota of people lead the intercessory prayers at the 9.45 am service. If you would like to join this rota, please contact Val Dobson (01708 348663).

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