Board of Trustees

The charity is administered on a non profit-making basis by a body of seven trustees who live in the local community and give their services voluntarily, meeting regularly throughout the year. Trustees are appointed for a period of seven years, after which they seek re-appointment. It is tradition that the Headmaster of Brentwood School and the Incumbent of St Peters Church South Weald serve on the board of trustees.


The clerk is appointed by the Trustees to look after the day-to-day administration of the charity, the well-being of the residents and the upkeep of the almshouse buildings.

Details of the charity’s registration with the Charity Commission, Trustees etc. may be found on the Charity Commission website under registration no. 214152.

The charity is also a registered social landlord recognized by the The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), under their reference A4006.

The charity is a member of the Almshouse Association.