Baptisms at St Peter’s Church

What is a baptism? A baptism (or Christening – it is the same thing) is the sacrament by which one is made a member of the Church.

Is there an age limit? Although it is often babies who are baptised, there is no age limit. Those aged ten or above, however, would normally join a course in order to be confirmed as well as baptised, after which they receive the bread and wine of Holy Communion.

Can I arrange a baptism at St Peter’s South Weald? The Church of England is organised into parishes, and it is expected that a child will be baptised in the parish in which it lives. This is because baptism is the start of life as a Christian and it is natural to attend one’s local parish church. An exception to this is where the child’s parents are already members of another congregation.

When do baptisms happen? Baptisms at St Peter’s Church take place in the main Sunday service at 9.45 a.m. They are organised approximately monthly.

How much does a baptism cost? There is no fee.

What about Godparents? A child normally has three godparents: for a boy, two godfathers and one godmother; vice versa for a girl. A larger number is permissible, and it is also possible for there to be fewer if a parent is also willing to act as godparent. Godparents should be both confirmed and baptised; however, it is possible for them only to be baptised.

How do I book a baptism? Please telephone the Priest in Charge, Revd. Jane Bradbury, (01277 212054) or contact us here