ID-100159550Home Groups are small groups of up to about 10 people, who as the name suggests meet in the home of one of their members to explore our faith and to engender fellowship.

The groups will normally use either a Christian study guide or a book to give some structure to meetings but, as most people soon discover, discussions can range over a wide area depending on the needs and knowledge of the participants. The leaders though do try to draw everyone back to the course material at some stage!

Belonging to a Home Group allows you to think more deeply about your Christian life but they are also a means of supporting each other in our lives of discipleship. In case this sounds rather daunting, let me quote one of our current members: ‘I wouldn’t come if we didn’t have a good laugh!’

There are currently several groups running at St Peter’s and newcomers are always very welcome. The groups meet fortnightly both during the day and in the evening.

 If you wish to know more please do speak to Revd Jane Bradbury (01277 212054) or the churchwardens.

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