LilliesThe Guild is responsible for maintaining the brassware in the church, and for providing the floral decorations week by week.  We usually work on a Friday or Saturday according to whatever is convenient to members and it usually takes about one and a half hours.

Currently about 16 very dedicated members of all ages work in pairs on a rota, which works out about once every 8 weeks.  Not all are churchgoers but regard their work as a contribution to parish life and it is something which they enjoy doing.  You do not have to be an expert flower arranger to join as we are happy to offer simple guidelines to get you started.  A love of flowers and some elbow grease for the brass cleaning are the only basic requirements!

All members have the choice whether or not to claim expenses for providing the flowers, and we are fortunate to receive several donations during the year in memory of loved ones.  The Easter lilies are also paid for entirely from donations.  In addition, we aim to make a small profit from the wedding flowers which some of our members arrange.  Consequently, the provision of beautiful flowers in St Peter’s does not cost the PCC a penny.

If you have any more questions about joining the Sanctuary Guild please call Sheila Hornsby on 01277 224922 or email