The graveyard around the church has been in use for many centuries and undoubtedly there have been many graves and headstones which are now lost. The headstones that remain vary in condition and age, from the 1600s-1900s. Sometime in the past, a number have been moved from their original position, some are leaning against the churchyard walls, whilst others have been laid to form paths.

The inscriptions are in varying stages of decipherability and over time, are fading. Some have now become totally illegible, so we are very grateful to Bill and Edna Wilford, members of our congregation and the Brentwood Historical Society who, during the early 1990s, surveyed the churchyard. They recorded all the headstones, not only their wording, but also their stone type, design and condition.

This information was checked against the Register of Burials and has resulted in this list. Not every death is recorded on a headstone, and not everyone on this list is buried in this churchyard. Where the inscription mentions family members, e.g. parents, spouses, etc, these are included. Others are memorials to people who are buried elsewhere, e.g., family members, friends or even employers. Each surname is listed against a number, which can be cross referenced with a position on the churchyard map, so the searcher should be able to track down the actual stone in the churchyard. It should be borne in mind, however, that the stones are continually weathering and some may not be legible now.

Churchyard Map

List of headstone inscriptions

The graveyard surrounding the church is now closed for any further burials and is looked after by volunteers from the congregation and Brentwood Borough Council. Burials now take place in a graveyard, 100 yards from the church, on the opposite side of the road.

Work is now underway to record not only the headstones in this second graveyard, but also the memorials in the church and we hope to put this information on our website in due course.

Gill Bitschiné

Please note that burial, wedding and baptism registers relevant to this churchyard are now archived at the Essex Records Office, where they are available for public inspection


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